Carto is a static HTML templating system. It allows the usage of templates and control structures to produce HTML pages.

Pages created with Carto are baked to HTML which can then be put onto your server. This way, you do not need to install any server-side software in order to use Carto. This makes for an easier set up and a faster page load for the user.

Carto is made with Haxe.

We use Carto to generate this site.

How to Use This Sh*t

You don't want to.

All blocks are wrapped within {{ and }}.


<ul id="sections">
  {{: for sect in Hier :}}
  <li {{: if P.isDescendantOf(sect) || P == sect :}}class="navi-current"{{: end if :}}>
    <a {{- id="section_{{ Utils.replaceWS(sect.title) }}" -}} href="{{ if (sect.isPage()) sect.url else if (sect.children.length > 0) sect.children[0].url else '' }}">
      {{ sect.title }}
      {{: if sect.children != null && sect.children.length > 0 :}}<div class="subsMark">...</div>{{: end if :}}
    {{: if sect.children != null && sect.children.length > 0 :}}
    <ul class="sectmenu">
      {{: for sub in sect.children :}}
      <li {{: if P.isDescendantOf(sub) || P == sub :}}class="navi-current"{{: end if :}}><a href="{{ sub.url }}">{{ sub.title }}</a></li>
      {{: end for :}}
    {{: end if :}}
  {{: end for :}}